Take A Vacation With Far Cry 3!

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

Ever wanted to take a vacation on a nice, tropical island controlled by psychopathic pirate and a sociopathic human trafficker? Well, here’s your chance. Let’s take a vacation with Far Cry 3!

About the vacation…

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a 2012 first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It is the third main installment in the Far Cry series. It was released for Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in November 29, 2012

The game takes place on the fictional Rook Islands, a tropical archipelago which can be freely explored by players. After a vacation goes awry, protagonist Jason Brody(cool name) must save his friends, who have been kidnapped by pirates, and escape from the island and its unhinged inhabitants.

The game was re-released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2018 as Far Cry 3: Classic Edition.


Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

As with most Far Cry games (I reviewed the fourth and fifth one!), gameplay focuses on combat and exploration. Players can use a variety of weapons from pistols, to bows, to flamethrowers to defeat human enemies and hostile wildlife.

The game features many elements found in role-playing games, such as a branching storyline, and side quests. The game also features a cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, and a map editor.

It also features a skill tree system,

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

in which you can get using skill points earned by getting experience points (XP). These skills help you make your “vacation” in Rook Islands easier, speaking of which…

Tropical island, anyone?

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

The game takes place in a fictional Southeast Asian island called the Rook Islands. It is based on Southeast Asian islands like the ones in Indonesia, Java, and Malaysia. Even the temples surrounding the islands are of those architecture.

The islands are a tropical paradise, with stunning white-sand beaches, lush forests, crystal clear rivers, and high waterfalls. The whole island itself is separated into two, uhh, islands, the North Island, and the South Island. I mean just look at it.

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3Take a vacation with Far Cry 3Take a vacation with Far Cry 3Take a vacation with Far Cry 3


They’re mainly separated by a small section of the ocean, and you can swim between the two islands if you wanted, just be careful of these creatures.

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

Besides the obvious people who live here, the island is home to a large number of wildlife, including tigers, pigs, buffalo, sharks, leopards, and many more. These animals are either docile and will run from you, or will kill you at a moment’s notice. Always be ready!

The island is also littered with different ruins. Temples from the natives who once lived there, Japanese bunkers and cannons leftover from World War 2, Chinese architecture from 15th century expeditions, this island has seen a lot of its fair share of action.

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

Not gonna lie, this island, if it were real, is a great place to visit. Minus the pirates and militiamen, of course. Which brings me to..

Names that start with ‘J’ are always cool sounding..

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

You play as Jason Brody, your everyday rich, young, American tourist going on a vacation to the islands with his rich, young, American friends. Things go awry after a plane jumping excursion to the islands netted them a stay at a pirate’s camp, led by none other than Vaas Montenegro.

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

This is Vaas, your sexy, psychotic, bipolar pirate leader. He controls the North Island along with his pirates, who terrorize the inhabitants of Rook Islands. They mainly dabble in drug trading, kidnap for ransom, human trafficking, and weapons trading. Despite his classy attitude, players noted how charismatic and charming he is. Tells you a lot, huh. I mean, I like Vaas too, cool guy.

Vaas however, works for Hoyt Volker.

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

This guy. Vaas fears the guy, for good reason. Hoyt is also a sexy, psychotic, bipolar leader, but he’s also cunning and intelligent. He’s as ruthless and violent as Vaas, but he knows what he’s doing. He’s basically the leader of the whole operation in Rook Islands, but he mostly stays in the South Island, along with his private army, composed of trained soldiers. They sport better weaponry and are better in combat than the pirates, so you will have your work cut out for you.

As Jason, your mission is to rescue your friends that is also captured by the pirates, all the while hunting down Vaas and Hoyt after killing off your brother, who was shot dead in the camp by Vaas. You will be aided by the Rakyat, the tribespeople who once controlled and peacefully lived in Rook Islands, led by this woman.

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

Citra. Vaas’ sister. She is the enigmatic “warrior-goddess” of the Rakyat, who leads them into battle against Vaas and Hoyt’s forces. She is, an interesting character, to say the least. You better find out for yourself. 😉

You will meet all sorts of characters that will aid you in the fight against Vaas and Hoyt, and you will see Jason’s transformation from a scared, touchy young boy, to a warrior, feared by everyone. Really nice touch.

It isn’t a Far Cry game without..

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

There are plenty of weapons to choose from in this game. IF you want to go all Rambo style in the jungle, there’s flamethrowers, light machine guns, and rocket launchers! IF you want to go all stealthy, there’s silenced pistols, rifles, and bows (my favorite weapon).

You can also drive around using jeeps, dilapidated cars, and the like, although be careful if you don’t want to run somebody over.

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

You can even hang glide in this game, and fly around in a wingsuit. Your ideal vacation, eh?

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3


Take a vacation with Far Cry 3

This game is great. But it isn’t without its flaws. Personally I found the crafting section of the game took you out of your game, especially when you need to craft syringes. You have to pause the game itself and go to the “Crafting” section to craft syringes for healing, hunting, combat, and exploration. I didn’t mention it at the post until now because it will really take you out of the action. Imagine being in a gunfight and you just had to make a syringe to heal yourself, you have to pause the game to make it. Takes you out of the action.

Despite that, the gameplay was great (although not as polished as Far Cry 4 and 5), the characters were really interesting, especially Vaas, combat was great, the islands are chock full of things to do once you finish the main story. All in all, while not a perfect game, it is a very solid experience. Definitely recommended.

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