The Best Retro Gaming Consoles Tech

8 Of The Best Retro Gaming Consoles

Soooo, fancy a bit of gaming? Earlier I’ve covered the best plug ‘n play games you can get.┬áNow today I’ll be taking about the best retro gaming consoles! If you haven’t…

Best cell phones for gaming Tech

7 Best Cell Phones For Gaming!

Greetings! Today I will be listing some of the best cell phones for gaming! Mobile gaming has quickly become a growing trend ever since the first proper cell phone came out….

Half Life Blue Shift Source of All things Blue! Retro Games

Blue Shift: Half Life’s Guard On Duty

It’s time for your blue shift! Kidding aside, I think you’re wondering: Why are my posts mostly about Half-Life? Well, there’s this little game called Half-Life: Alyx, that was released last…

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