top tablets for gaming Tech

7 Top Tablets For Gaming!

Want some top tablets for gaming? Gaming has come a long way. From the ol’ must-be-plugged-to-a-tv console games, now we have portable gaming devices! Gaming phones are great and all, but…

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3 Games

Take A Vacation With Far Cry 3!

Ever wanted to take a vacation on a nice, tropical island controlled by psychopathic pirate and a sociopathic human trafficker? Well, here’s your chance. Let’s take a vacation with Far Cry 3!…

Best phones under 100 dollars Tech

7 Best Phones Under 100 Dollars!

Ever wanted to own a great phone without breaking your bank? Well don’t fret! Because I’m about to list the best phones under 100 dollars! You heard it right! Not 600 dollars, not…

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