Is Assassin’s Creed: Origins Good?

Is Assassin's Creed: Origins Good

Is Assassin’s Creed: Origins good? Is Assassin’s Creed: Origins bad? Is Assassin’s Creed: Origins so-so? Sometimes you have to ask these questions, my friend.

Once you got through that long named question, read my take below! You’ll find out once I get to talk about it. So read along with me! (Psst, yes it is a good f*****g game.)

First off, what is Assassin’s Creed and its Games?

I’m glad you asked! So Assassin’s Creed is a franchise created by Ubisoft. It has spanned 11 main games, countless spinoffs, novels, comics, and even a movie! Even though some of the games in the series aren’t as good(looking at you, Unity), it’s still a very succesful franchise. It’s confirmed that a new Assassin’s Creed game is in the works, and it will finally tackle my favorite mythology, the Norse Mythology!

Anyway, back to here. So to make it short, almost all of the Assassin’s Creed games follow a storyline:

  1. Assassins good
  2. Templars bad
  3. Templars try to steal ancient, powerful artifact
  4. Assassins stop Templars
  5. Repeat 3

The games usually transition from the modern world, to a point in history which will have significant impact on the modern world, and they go back and forth from there. In-game events are partially based on real world events, meaning you will meet the likes of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Julius Caesar, and even Cleopatra!

Basically the games play out like this: Assassins and Templars will get(or in the case of Templars, kidnap) someone who has an ancestor that played a heavy role in the past. They access the memories of that specific ancestor through the person they have, in order to find ancient relics called the Pieces of Eden. Templars want to use it to control the entire world, Assassins want to hide it so it can be kept away from the Templars.

There is a LOT to tackle when it comes to the plot of the whole franchise, the one I told you barely, if ever, scratched the surface. I’ll leave it at that. 😉

Okay, so what is Assassin’s Creed: Origins then?

Assassin’s Creed: Origins was the 10th game in the series, after 2015’s Assassin’s Creed Syndicate(haven’t played this, yet). The series as a whole was starting to get stale after Syndicate, because it mostly features the same type of gameplay:

The games follow this type of gameplay until Origins, which greatly rejuvenated fan interest in the game and brought a new perspective to how Assassin’s Creed can be presented to players.

So with Origins, it was also overhauled to become more of an open-world RPG type of game, which did wonders. While the other games’ timeline are usually set in the 1400s or 1800s, Origins takes us back further, to Ancient Egypt. Set near the end of the Ptolemaic Kingdom(around 49 – 47 BCE).

In this time, the Assassins doesn’t exist yet, and the Templars are known as the Order of the Ancients. Players now control Bayek, a Medjay of the Pharaoh who seeks vengeance on all who are involved with the death of his son. As you go along the story you will unravel a plot that goes deeper and deeper, as your search for vengeance brings you into events that you would not have foreseen.

This is Bayek.

A man standing in the desert

Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

In the “modern world” part of the game, you play as Layla Hassan. She doesn’t get to do much(which is currently a mess in the franchise), but she’s the one who went into Bayek’s tomb somewhere in Egypt, which allowed her to access his memories.

The big, bad, desert.


Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

Oh boy, the location. It’s sooooooooooo big! Like I said, it is set in Ancient Egypt, so expect to see desert everywhere, except for the northern part of the map, which is occupied by the Romans, since the Roman occupation was just starting to take hold of Egypt. So expect a much more greener, Roman-y feel to the area. In this timeline, Egypt was in the process of becoming a part of the Roman Empire, so it’s no surprise that the Romans are occupying parts of Egypt.

As you travel the location, you will see locations you’re might familiar with, such as the Great Library of Alexandria, the Pyramids of Giza, and even the Sphinx! Ubisoft has done a really good job of rendering Ancient Egypt into a beautiful location. That’s what got my attention. And it did not disappoint. I just wish the map was bigger, to be honest.

Just check out some of the screenshots I took and see how beautiful the land is.

Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

And you can fast travel as well, which is always nice.

RP-Geeee what good gameplay!


Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

Like I mentioned earlier, the series has transitioned into an open-world RPG. Which did wonders for it. The previous games were sort of open world RPG, but not to the extent Origins is. The game is now fully open world, meaning you can basically do anything you want, and go anywhere you want. Be careful though, as some locations necessitate you being in a certain level, lest you want level 30 birds killing your level 1 Bayek.

Weapons are greatly overhauled, there are a lot, I mean a LOT of weapons in this game, from dual knives, to swords, to polearms, you will have an endless supply of toys to play with. Armor is also overhauled, meaning you don’t get armor items anymore. You can change your outfit though, but it is purely cosmetic.

You also have access to bombs, darts, and the ever reliable Hidden Blade. There’s also a skill tree now. You can spend ability points(which you get by doing quests and leveling up) to buy upgrades and skills for Bayek to make him the awesomest Assassin evar!

Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

(Please excuse the trophy screenshots :p)

The AI in this game is greatly improved as well. Each location feels like it’s alive. From bustling markets and towns, to the lush jungles of the Eastern part of Egypt, no part of this map feels dead. Even the location where there’s sand, everywhere.

Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

Yep, even that feels alive. 😉

You’ll also encounter a wide variety of animals in this game, from migratory birds, to hungry hyenas, to a freaking elephant. Yes, there are elephants in this game, back when they were used as instruments of war. You’ll just want to put them out of their misery. 🙁

Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

You can even ride camels and horses for faster travelling!

In the Assassin’s Creed games there is something called Eagle Vison, which is basically like an Assassin’s sixth sense. It allows them to see targets through walls, detect enemies through smoke, and even track and predict their movements. In this game, however, that doesn’t exist yet. Instead you have an eagle companion with you, named Senu.

Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

Senu is the eagle in the photo.

She’ll follow you anywhere you go, and you can even control her! She’s basically Bayek’s other eyes. Senu can provide Bayek with the same benefits as Eagle Vision, plus she’s a valuable ally in combat, to boot!

It’s a mad Pharaoh story…

Just to tackle this without spoiling, the story’s real good. Admittedly, the start was kinda boring, but trust me, it picks up quite quickly, you won’t regret it. Also there are side quests, which are always awesome. Doing side quests reward you with better gear and you get to experience life as a virtual Ancient Egyptian. But trust me, the story as a whole is awesome.

Time to assassinate this post..

Ubisoft (PS4 Pro Screenshot)

So in conclusion, I highly recommend this game. As in HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The fresh look of Origins is a welcome sight for a franchise that is becoming dull. It feels and plays like a new title. I have to admit, at first I too was skeptical especially when it was announced that it was RPG. Then I played it, and instantly fell in love with it. The graphics are great, the story was great, the overhaul of the entire item and skill system was perfect, and combat was smooth. Definitely a must-buy, especially during the quarantine. You’ll spend hours on it, you’ll forget to eat. 😉

If you want to buy this game, you can do so right here!


Amazon (physical copy):

eBay (physical copy):

CDKeys: (they sell the game in CD Keys, making it easier for you to download in the comfort of your own home! Have the game instantly!)

G2A: (just search for Assassin’s Creed Origins! They also sell CD keys!)

(Buy from the links above so I can get Mcdonalds. Click here for more info)


Any other comments about this game? Leave it below this post! Thanks for reading!


Readers Comments (2)

  1. Nicely written. Your writing style has a sublime humor to it, just like mine. But mine is a bit more blunt.

    I always wanted to play Assassins Creed, but I have pretty much outgrown video games. A shame really, as this game looks like a winner to me.

    The only RPG I ever tried and sort of got into was Final Fantasy on a xBox360. But the gameplay looks similar and I could get deeply into this game.

    I do love the graphics in this game. It looks vibrant and alive. I still remember when Pong came out and Intellivision was all the rage. And of course The Atari console came in like a bat out of hell. From there I was hooked.

    I played Asteroids until my eyes bled, then I played Space Invaders until my heart stopped, then I died when Defender came online. There were no cell phones. Smartphones, weren’t even a blip on the radar.. The phones I used were connected to a line in the wall and, GASP! We had phone booths on every corner…OMG. I think I just aged myself.

    Anyways, great article and thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you Courtney!

    Age doesn’t matter when you’re playing video games though. You can be 70 years old and still play. :p

    Haha I once had a console when I was younger, I played Super Mario Bros 3 nonstop on it. Good times.

    Thanks for reading!

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