Wanna Earn Money While Stuck At Home?

Wanna earn money while stuck at home

Okay, okay, who doesn’t wanna earn money while stuck at home? No one? So continue reading. Also, I know this isn’t the typical gaming-related post, but hear me out. I did say I will write occasional off-topic posts. And this is kinda related to gaming so… :p

What’s it about, OGG?

Okay, this is about something I’ve recently discovered online. It’s called G2A Goldmine. It’s basically an affiliate program for G2A. They sell all kinds of gaming-related stuff, such as games, gaming accessories, electronics, gift cards, subscriptions, merchandise, and many more!

Here are just SOME of what they sell:

Sounds awesome, right? You can even buy right now! Click here!

Okay yeah, sounds great, but how will I make money?

Why I’m glad you asked!

If you really want to earn money while sitting at home, you can do so by registering for their affiliate program! You can register here.

One you register for their program, you will be given a unique link, only just for you. No one will have the same link you have. Once you have your link, all you have to do is refer it to others! Say you have a friend that wants to buy a game, you can refer them the unique link that you have, and if he/she buys a game using your link, you’ll earn! It’s that simple!

Great, so it’s a one time commission-type thing, huh?

Nope! Here’s how to earn money while stuck at home using G2A.

The person that purchased a product using your link will become a part of your team. If that person in your team purchases another product, you will still get profit.

If that person that clicks on your link does not make a purchase, but does it some time later, you will still get paid. 

And what’s more, if that person does the same thing you did and recommends G2A to his/her other friends through his/her own unique link, you will also get profit from their purchases!

Forget about one time comissions, this is the real deal!

Okay, I’m listening…

Great! Remember when I said the person who purchased products through your link becomes a part of your team? He is now on a Level 1 relation with you, which means you earn 100% of the amount specified on the product page.

If that person creates his/her own unique link and recommends it to his/her friends, who then make a purchase, they will be added to your team as well, and you will be on a Level 2 relation with them, and you get 60% of the amount stated on the product page.

If someone from your Level 2 relation does the same and creates a unique link and recommends it to his/her friends, they get added to your Level 3 relation, and you get 40% of the amount stated on the product pageIt’s that easy!

Think about it, you refer your unique link to 20 of your friends, and let’s say 5 of them made a purchase. You profit! They make a purchase again at a later time, you still profit!

Now imagine those 5 friends of yours refer their own unique link to their own friends, and they make a purchase…

You see where I’m getting at? This idea of “earn money while stuck at home” is becoming more and more reachable! Earning is potentially endless!

That’s great! But how much will it cost me to join?

It will cost you……absolutely nothing! Joining G2A Goldmine is totally free. It will only cost you like 3 minutes of your time to join.

Now this doesn’t mean you should go around social media and forums willy nilly and spam the s**t out of them. No! Build a connection first, make discussions, ask them where they buy their favorite games, then refer G2A to them using your link so they can earn money while stuck at home as well! Remember, building trust is important!

This is so awesome! I’ll join now!

Splendid! You can join here! Remember, don’t spam!

Leave a comment about the program, and what you thought of it. If you want to buy games from G2A, click here! If you can’t decide on what to buy, leave a comment as well and I’ll help you!

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