5 Affordable Plug N Play Video Games

Man playing a plug n play arcade game

Have you ever considered a Plug N Play game a past time? I mean, everybody wants a good past time, whether it be reading, cooking, writing (like what I am doing right now), or knitting. Especially during this time, everybody’s locked inside their houses, with nothing to do but surf the Internet and troll others online (sometimes).

We all want to do something else, something new, something to make the time fly by. So instead of you, yes, YOU, staring at your social media accounts scrolling endlessly, you can, for example, play video games! What I got here are 5 of the best plug and play video games that you can get! I guarantee you’ll love these devices. They’re for everyone, young and old!

What is plug n play you ask? Well, it’s a game or a console you can…. plug and play! No need for installations, no need for CD keys, no need for registrations. Just plug it, and play it! Good for young and old bretheren, and those looking for that sweet, sweet nostalgia trip.

Without further ado, here are some of the best ones!

1. JAMSWALL Handheld Game Console – $19.99

It looks like a Game Boy Color, so the nostalgia of owning this bad boy is really sweet. This plug n play device has got over 400, you heard me correctly, 400 games in this one little guy.

Relive the classics such as the original Super Mario Bros., Contra, Tetris, and many more! It’s also portable, measuring in at 115 mm x 80 mm, and boasting a 3 inch colored screen! This is perfect indoors, during the quarantine, and outdoors, when we finally get to enjoy the outside world! Great for playing while going to work (except when you’re driving, of course!), during lunch time, while using the treadmill, on a flight, camping, or even just relaxing on your free time.

When you feel like gaming on the big screen, you’re in luck because this baby can also be connected to your TV! It also comes with a controller, if you want to play with your children, with your partner, with your friends, anyone! With its rechargeable 800 mAh battery life that lets you play for up to 5 hours straight, and a simple, easy to use interface, this device is perfect for kids and adults alike. Get this one now!

Also, if you want to protect this device, there’s a case available for it, right here!


2. MEEPHONG Retro Game Console – $42.88

Now, if you’re looking to stay inside for the long haul, don’t fret, because the Retro Family game Mini is here! This plug n play game is styled like one of those vintage game consoles that were coming out in the 80s, so dad and mum, let the nostalgia flow through you. This one supports 4k HD, and has 621 built-in games. All you have to do is plug it into the TV! It comes with 2 controllers that are very comfy to the touch (I should know, I’ve tried one of these before), and are very responsive. Perfect for siblings who wants to play together. Dad and mum can even play this! It’s as simple as plug, and play!

3. Pandora 9s – $179.99

If you’re a fan of the old arcade boxes (‘yknow, the big ones at your local arcade shops), then this plug n play is for you. This bad boy boasts a whopping 2400 games in it’s system! The quarantine period may not be enough for you to play them all. It has been play-tested over and over and over again to ensure the best play experience for its players. It supports 2 players as well! Players who spent their childhood gaming at their local arcade shops will feel that way again when they touch this beauty. The price tag may be steep, but trust me, it is worth it. Just read the other reviews. 😉

4. RG350 – $99.99

This plug n play game is probably my most recommended one, as it’s just that great. The RG350. It looks like a PSP! It’s a rather, new device (updated in 2019). It comes with 2500 built in games via a 32GB memory card, supports up to 128GB memory card, sports an easy-to-use joystick, has a 320×240 inch tempered glass screen to protect your eyes, has a 2500 mAh battery which can last up to 6 hours continuous play, rechargable by USB cable.

The one feature it has over other handheld consoles is that it’s multifunctional. It can be used as a music player, video player, e-book reader, and much more! Players can even download supported games. You can even play PS1 games on it! So good. I’ll buy one myself. 😉

This one’s a best seller, because THERE’S ONLY 20 UNITS LEFT! GET YOURS BEFORE IT GOES POOF!

5. RUIER Retro Mini Arcade Game – $24.50

If you’re really feeling nostalgic, or if you want to gift your kids something that they will love, and make you feel nostalgic of your own childhood, then look no further than the RUIER Retro Mini Arcade Game. This plug n play game has 229 built-in games, which includes Puzzle, Action, Venture, Table, Sport, Relax, Education, etc. You and your kids will love this, I am sure. Easy to play as well, no cables, accessories, or controllers of any kind. You just need 3 AA batteries. You, as an adult can now relive your glory days of being the king of your local arcade shops! And you can tell all about it to your kids as they enjoy playing with this device!

That’s it! Do you have any other suggested plug and play devices that you’d like to recommend? Holler down below at the comments. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hello, great work, and those consoles…so cool, they bring me back in childhood, nice looking website also. Great article.

  2. Some great games there for the nostalgic type “like me” although I wouldn’t get anything done if I bought one.

    I’m from way back when space invaders, Galaxian, Pacman and Donkey Kong were the in-games and you couldn’t get me off the damn games.

    They were easy games and quick to get the hang of, but games today are just so complex with bags of features etc. Amazing to know you could be playing people from across the world, in your gamers chair and headsets.

    I can’t imagine how they can cram 400 games onto one of those devices never mind 2500.

    Great post and thank you for sharing.


    • Yeah, sometimes it’s nice to relive the old days, where all you need to do is press start, and play.

      The “insert number of games-in-one* trope has been around for a long time, although before, it’s usually limited to very simple games, now you can fit a lot of more complex games in one card that gets smaller every generation! Funny how that works.

      Anyway, thank you for reading!

  3. I think this website is really informative and helpful. Great job!

  4. Pandora is probably my best in the list you have here. You’re very right that this days, there’s hardly so much to do because everything has been done and I’m getting really tired of the games j have available so why not go retro and see how lovely those games were. Like I said, I’d pick the Pandora 9s, looks really good and sleek. I think I will need to connect it to a screen right?

    • Hi Riley! 

      Yes, I’ve played a Pandora 9s once before. Very responsive and it feels like you’re playing an arcade machine! Retro is catching up as a trend these days, so what better way to try it, especially with us being stuck at home for the foreseeable future!

      Yes, an HDMI cable is what you’ll need to connect it to a screen. Just plug it in and voila, play!

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. The current pandemic seriously has brought people indoors and for some people who really are not used to staying indoors will definitely be way so bored that they would need a lot of company. But what if you are all alone then you pretty much doesn’t have much options but to get a nice game for yourself and this preview will go along way to assisting you.

    After going through this review I believe you must have made a great choice. Be sure to stay indoors and stay safe

    • Yep! People will need to do something entirely new these days, since being stuck at home, just watching your social media update itself, must be taking a toll on their bore-o-meter. I’ve created this list in hopes that this will help alleviate that boredom, and even let them take a trip down memory lane! 

      Thanks for commenting! Stay safe as well!

  6. I think this article was basically written for me, it has been so boring indoors doing basically doing nothing with so much of my time. So I think gaming is a very nice option here, and for the choice of games hmmm I think the JAMSWALL Handheld Game Console is just so so cool. 

    Once again thanks for this information it’s  indeed an awesome information.

    • Haha yes! With the lock down being extend in the foreseeable future, gaming would be a considerable choice to alleviate boredom. Especially for those looking for some sweet nostalgia trip, these devices are definitely the right way to go. 

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. It would certainly be great to go back to the old days and play some of the incredible games that built the foundation of where gaming is today. I am impressed that these small consoles are able to house so many games at once. It’s amazing to think that the way technology was, you could only fit on game in a cartridge. I am wondering how the JAMSWALL is able to have games like Super Mario Bros…is it an emulator or have they actually been given the rights by Nintendo?

    • Yeah, nostalgia is really a big factor when you get one of these plug n’ play devices. It really brings you back to the days when arcade machines are a thing. 

      I’m not really sure. I believe it’s just an emulator. That’s why they are packing these old games into one tiny console. Because it allows them to get as many games as possible. And most of these games are really old, like 30 years old. 

      Thanks for commenting!

  8. This is an amazing article especially in these period when we are asked to stay indoor!

    This article will help one make a right choice of game to kill the boredom during this stay at home period. Most people are bored during this period and are tired of the lockdown but with this article they will be able to find the right game to kill the boredom.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Yep! With the quarantine in full effect people really need something to do, so I wrote this article.

      Thanks for commenting!

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